New Site Profiling Ulster Bank Employees Who Served In World War 2

Got this email from Gavin Bamford:

Following on from the success of my website recording the mini-biographies of the circa 300 bank officials from the Northern Banking Company & Belfast Banking Company, I have now started work on a similar venture for the Ulster Bank.

This new venture is to compile and record the details of the 120 bank officials from the Ulster Bank who served (including 12 who did not return) in WWII.  As ‘RBS Archives’ have advised me that they are planning something for the Great War centenary in 2014, I have decided to concentrate on the WWII men.  The site is here and is currently work in progress.  The Ulster Bank Roll of Honour is in an inaccessible location in their Donegall Square East building, installed in a semi-public staff area and attached to a wall about 20 feet high making it nearly impossible to read the names.  Whilst work has been completed on the 12 men who died and the 33 men who served (with surnames beginning A to F), it has become clear to me that assistance is required from others who can help draft the personal, war time and post war time stories of these men.

As I continue work on the remaining 75 men with surnames G to Z, any assistance at all would be appreciated from current Ulster Bank staff or pensioners and should be annotated as comments on the website or sent to me at

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