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Characters Of Old Belfast – The Buttermilk Man

Brendan McDade continues his reminiscences of the characters from his childhood.

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Characters Of Old Belfast – The Brush Salesman

We may have thought Indians trying to sell you things was a modern invention. Never mind calling you up, back in the 50’s they used to come to your door :-) Brendan McDade tells the story of the brush salesman.

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Characters Of Old Belfast – The Vegetable Man

Brendan McDade remembers some of the wonderful characters from his childhood. In this tale he tells the story of Mickey McCartan, the vegetable man.

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Memories of the Black Mountain…

Don Morris sent me this song he wrote about walking in the Black Mountain in his younger years. He is keen to hear feedback so if you like the song do leave a comment.

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The Christmas Clubs of the Nineteen Fifties

Brendan McDade remembers how Christmas clubs brought excitement and anticipation to Christmas…

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Geordie the Fixer

Geordie fixed things, all sorts of things, but for us kids growing up he was the main man for fixing bicycles. There was very little he didn’t know about bikes. He worked from a rather ramshackle lock up in Spinner Street just off the Falls Road in Belfast. At one corner of the street stood a hardware […]

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Belfast street games

Nowadays you very rarely see children playing in the streets. A combination of television, more cars and parental paranoia over ‘stranger danger’ has transformed play into a solitary activity for many children. In this article T. Leinad remembers the days when the streets rang out to the sound of skipping rhymes and children’s laughter.

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