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Friar’s Bush Graveyard Stranmillis

This article is an extract from Raymond O’Regans excellent book Hidden Belfast. You can buy this book from Amazon (Kindle version also available) as well as local bookshops like Waterstones and Easons.

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Memories of St Peters…

In this article T. Leinad shared some facts about the area around St Peters

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Wilsons Court – Home of The Northern Star

Local Historian Philip Orr tells us the surprising history of a little know entry that thousands pass every day without a second glance…

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Geordie the Fixer

Geordie fixed things, all sorts of things, but for us kids growing up he was the main man for fixing bicycles. There was very little he didn’t know about bikes. He worked from a rather ramshackle lock up in Spinner Street just off the Falls Road in Belfast. At one corner of the street stood a hardware […]

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Belfast street games

Nowadays you very rarely see children playing in the streets. A combination of television, more cars and parental paranoia over ‘stranger danger’ has transformed play into a solitary activity for many children. In this article T. Leinad remembers the days when the streets rang out to the sound of skipping rhymes and children’s laughter.

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Going for a wash at the Falls Baths…

The Falls Baths-A Memory. In the days before universal indoor plumbing, those who wished to maintain a reasonable standard of personal hygiene regularly patronised the public hot baths provided by the Corporation at the Falls Baths. On payment at the window, the prospective bather was provided with a ticket, a small piece of red carbolic […]

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A remembrance of the days when pubs bottled their own Guinness…

Back in the day it was common for pubs to bottle their own Guinness. Here Brendan McDade, and ex barman, talks about the bottling process.

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